Ultra-Flex 5000 FR

Lava-Liner’s ULTRA-FLEX 5000 FR is the first and only Class A Fire Rated urethane coating that can help achieve LEED certification on construction projects, containing post-consumer recycled content. Cooling towers that are constructed in whole or in part of combustible materials can support internal fires, resulting in damage severe enough to require the replacement of the entire cell or tower structure.

Ultra-Flex 5000 FR is a two component, industrial polyurethane that cures to form an elastomeric membrane that is impermeable to water and many aqueous alkaline or acid compositions. Ultra-Flex FR is Class A Fire Rated and is self extinguishing within 3 seconds. Sparks, heat, flame or electrical failures will not induce a fire.


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Features of Ultra-Flex 5000 FR

Class A Fire Rated
Testing was performed in accordance with ASTM E 108-11. Based upon the test results and the classification criteria, the Ultra-Flex 5000 FR, manufactured by Lava-Liner, Ltd. Meets the ASTM E 108-11 Class A requirements for roof coverings for installation over noncombustible roof decks.

ECO Friendly
Ultra-Flex 5000 FR is comprised of materials containing greater than 20% pre and postconsumer reclaimed materials. Additionally, Ultra-Flex FR has a VOC content of less than 75 g/l.

LEED Compliant
Meets LEED MR 4.1, MR 4.2 criteria.
Meets LEED EQ 4.1, EQ 4.2 criteria.

Brochure & Safety Data Sheets

ULTRA-FLEX 5000 FR is available in one gallon size containers and five gallon metal pails with activator provided in proportionately sized containers. 

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